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Monthly Archive for October, 2008

This week I have broken through some major fears in the area of techno-phobia. First breakthrough was in learning how to use my Sony camera and record a small video on the memory chip. In the past I had always recorded anything I was filming on the camera tape. But somehow during one download of […]

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Idealism for Grown-ups

This morning was up at 3.00 AM to listen to a webcast produced by EnlightenNext Magazine. Elizabeth Diebold was referring to her interview with Philosopher Susan Neiman and explaining why it is critically important during this time to have idealism. Idealism is real, it is a deep motivator of human nature. Without idealism we still […]

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House cleaning

My last entry was in May and we are at the end of October!…. Will I find excuses, I will not even go down that way, pointless to look back. This morning while house cleaning, ideas about what next were streaming through my mind, at least four times I interrupted my dusting to write down […]

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