Catching up

I have missed blogging during August. As usual life when we are in Canada gets busy fast, dealing with odds and ends, certainly no vacation. I am travelling back to France next Monday, looking forward to resume a healthy routine for a while!

On our journey to Toronto, my laptop fell twice and sure enough broke. I had to replace it. Reflecting back on my intentions for August, I wanted to clear the clutter on my laptop and organize my content efficiently. Well this whole incident with having to buy a new computer is helping do just that. This time I am taking the time to learn how to organize my files using the new tools the latest technology makes available, instead of moving fast forward into the unknown. I am amazed at how confident I am feeling at times now!

I have broken through my fears of technology!… This blog has been part of that journey. Thank you to all who have been reading it, you were an important part of the support I needed.

I am now ready to build a site using Two days ago I signed up for a server and downloaded the software. Fears are such powerful paralysing entities and when you face them, you become unstoppable. This is how I feel now. What I don’t know I face as an opportunity to learn and grow AND get help! That is the breakthrough right there!

Work in collaboration with others. Doing everything by myself is no longer fun, perhaps never has been, however it was a well engrained habit.

Before my pattern of doing everything alone and feeling like I should know it, hence shying away from asking others or experts for help, compounded the fear of technology issue… Or perhaps fear of technology was just the excuse my ego found acceptable…

During the next few months and I don’t know how long that will take I will be studying internet marketing and building my French website. My intention is to keep on blogging and my focus will be on developping the online business.

The next challenges: create an ecourse based on my offline material, a video series, teleseminars… This is truly a game I enjoy playing now!…

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  1. Eugenia says:

    UNSTOPPABLE indeed! Good for you, Aline!

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