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World Conference on Women

As I am getting clearer by the day on the importance we women will have to play on the world scene to usher in a new world, I invite all of you to sign a petition started by Jean Shinoda … Continue reading

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May the victims of Haiti not have died in vain!

At first after the earthquake I was in tears and deeply touched. After the initial feelings of helplessness and doing the only thing in my power at the time, namely a financial contribution I noticed in the last few days … Continue reading

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Take a look at who we are!

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Grid of consciousness

This morning awake even before 5.00 AM full of energy, could have gone up and jump and exercise, but stayed in bed and chose to give myself a Reiki treatment while simultaneously using my body as a proxy to sent … Continue reading

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Celebrate what's right with the world

Well worth listening to this inspiring video posted on the link below: #mce_temp_url# It triggered the following reflecting for me: What if official media channel were to always only report the good and beautiful? Why don’t they? Who owns official … Continue reading

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Taking stock and looking ahead

This morning was inspired by the audio book of Gregg Braden The Spontaneous Healing of Belief and would like to reflect upon it. Amongst many other themes he develops, Gregg sees beliefs as patterns reflecting someone else’s beliefs which got … Continue reading

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