Commitment versus Impatience

This blog post is long overdue. I had committed publicly during my test webinar from Saudi Arabia on February 26th, 2014 (The Roadmap to Freedom – Making Sense of Life’s Transitions) to capture my learning in a blog post and share it with the participants. I am honoring that commitment albeit much later than anticipated. A lot has happened since.

The next day in the early hours of February 28th, I left to Canada to spend time with my daughter, another commitment I had made last Fall to be with her during the bitter winter of Montreal. I shifted from + 30 degrees Celsius in Riyadh to – 20 C in Toronto where I first landed. Needless to say the shock was intense on my body, it had been quite a few years since I last experienced a real cold winter and I got sick with bronchitis, which slowed me down quite a bit and which I needed to heal since I had also planned to go to two workshops in California at the end of March: the Big Shift with Bill Barren and the Women’s Leadership Summit with Sage Lavine, only returning to Riyadh 12 days ago, readjusting to the time zone and beginning to digest all the information gleaned along the way.

I am not sharing this as an excuse, only taking stock of reality and reflecting on what transpired from my learning during the two live events I attended, one in San Francisco and the other one at the Asilomar in Pacific Grove. During the first event I realized that I had many steps in place towards setting up my teaching and coaching business online, and I also had some fundamental pieces missing that I needed to put in place.

For one year now I have been delivering my coaching services online, hence able to work from anywhere in the world. This was easy to set up and I expected the same when it comes to delivering my course content online. But not quite so, unless of course I only wanted to deliver the course to a group of people that I had gathered locally, but even then I would need to have a few more structures in place, like web copy and content description, log in information, technical stuff basically.

I have come to the conclusion that I will hire somebody to do this for me instead of trying to be a jack of all trades. One big lesson for me. The other realization that sank in for real this time, is that I cannot have an online business without partnerships of other online business owners willing to cross promote for each other to create a larger reach and find people, in other words create a movement of people with a common and  complementary vision. The potential is unlimited. And that’s where my impatience is acting as a braking mechanism, slowing me down rather than supporting the steps I still need to take.

Purposely I have entitled this blog post ‘Commitment versus Impatience’ since I have been keenly aware in the last week how much my impatience is causing havoc in my progress. Certain things take time and no amount of pushing can speed them up! My vision and my commitment to it is clear. It is part of my purpose and when I connect to it, I feel aligned with my soul and my higher guidance.

Now there is another structure in my psyche, my ego who quite foolishly at times sets unrealistic goals without planning  which create stress, and resistance. This part of my ego  procrastinates, often because it doesn’t quite know yet how to move through certain obstacles or do certain things, and thinks it has to do it all alone. That part of my ego then gets impatient and tries to speed up the process, spins its wheels and ends up being frustrated.

It usually is my body who wakes me up to what is unfolding and this time it is my back who is sending me distressing signals to take care of it and I will oblige.

In conclusion I want to offer an alternative to teaching online, which I had planned to start at the end of April, again an unrealistic deadline given my travelling schedule and lack of infrastructure in place. I will be offering a 3 hours workshop live  towards the end of May, which I will announce to the people who had expressed interest in working with me.

In the meantime, I keep on working diligently and with commitment, driven by my vision but also informed by the intelligence gathered during the two live events I attended with the intention of setting up a workable infrastructure through which to offer my curriculum.

Please be patient, everything is unfolding just as it should! The inner work required often takes longer than planned, actually this cannot be planned, if I am honest with myself! But you have to have the awareness to read the signs!

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    Welcome back, dear Aline!

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