Taking A Stand For My Soul’s Calling

Since mid December events unfolded at a faster pace that I could digest and I feel the need again, as so often when I write on my blog to integrate through the written word what my life has created for me to now attempt to make sense of.

As some of you know we have spend 10 days in Karachi, Pakistan at the end of the year, invited to a wedding of one of my daughter’s friend. This created an opportunity for our little family to visit the country my husband left some 45 years ago to immigrate to Canada and to which he had not been back to for well over 20 years.

There we stayed with a cousin on his father’s side, a part of his family that had never left in a house where all windows are protected by security bars and alarm systems.

The unconditional welcoming love I felt from Javed, Shaheda, Rani, Muntazir, Shaheen and so many others has created an overwhelming experience for me from people who a few months ago did not even know that I existed. I had never experienced such a welcome and cannot recall in my own life a time when I would have offered such an experience to another human being. This has created a deep opening in my consciousness which was to be further opened a few days later by the events happening in Paris.

The other overwhelming experience for me from our trip to Pakistan was the radical contrast between the “haves” and the “have-nots”, the ones who live in the “better” part of town and the rest of the city, which to me looked like a big, endless slum-like ghetto of chaos, poverty and desperation, witnessed when driving through town.

At times I had tears in my eyes, deeply touched, breaking my heart open. Some people living in similar conditions to a Western standard, albeit some in outright luxury. All houses however in that part of town tightly secured with alarm systems and/or security guards at their door step. A sign to me that something is not quite right or safe.

In contrast when driving outside the Defense or Clifton areas of Karachi, a city within the city, we were immediately immersed in another world where everybody is left to fend for themselves, traffic jams, beggars, poverty, dilapidated buildings and an overwhelming impression of chaos albeit an impression of inevitable acceptance and resignation to the status quo.

I was deeply imprinted by these 10 days in Pakistan and when we returned to Riyadh early January I was looking forward to make sense of all my impressions and to write about it.

Then on January 7th, 2015 another monumental event shook my world: the terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France, my home country and the killing of journalists and innocent victims because they belonged to a specific community.

For a week my life was paralyzed, suspended it seemed from its normal course of events, I just could not function.

I could only be witness to what was being reported on worldwide television.

I  was definitely connected emotionally to the wave of emerging consciousness of something urgently needing to change, as yet undefined, not yet articulated but so very deep and strong.

I only now feel ready to put some words to all that got triggered then.

To me there is a link between these events happening in different worlds, so often referred to as the first and the third world.

The fact that I had just come back from witnessing firsthand the deep divide between “haves” and “have-nots” in Pakistan, which had cracked my heart open, then witnessing the terrorists attacks in France and the symbolism of it all created an opening in my consciousness and a urgency to finally hear the calling in my soul and what needs to change worldwide which clearly to me points to what needs to change within each of us.

What needs to change within? How can we end the fragmentation within our mind that creates the disconnect from our authentic being and which then manifests outside through the immense disparity between “haves” and “have-nots”?

These ghettos exist everywhere the world over. I have witnessed them in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, New York, my own home town Strasbourg. Just 10 minutes by bike from where I live in France, there is one of those ghettos.

That fragmentation is the consequence of millennia of conditioned limiting mind programs that today are outright outdated and based on false beliefs about our true identity.

The feeling of fragmentation is certainly caused by all the areas within our psyche where we feel we do not belong, repressed or not in our shadows.

I have a long history of narrative in my own life where I have segregated my being from my outer experiences and isolated myself because not good enough, successful enough, etc… The endless comparison to somebody else or something else outside of myself.

From the onset of my life, I chose to be born in a multicultural setting. Many years ago I took responsibility for choosing my parents and birth circumstances, really only then starting the healing journey out of victim consciousness. Growing up post WWII in Alsace, speaking two languages, French and Alsatian, a German dialect.

I had firsthand experience of being different. Today I realize my feeling different partially came from my different upbringing, my mother being older, more articulate and outspoken than my friend’s. Back then mostly wanting to hide and dissociate from her because she was different and all I wanted is to be “ordinary” like everybody else. Only to realize later  that we are all different and unique albeit connected to a larger source of oneness and unity.

But that was my journey of growing up and waking up.

When I grapple with the call I hear from my soul and higher guidance, I ask what can I do?

I have to be with that question daily, not to fall back into past habitual attitudes of keeping myself isolated.

An small example the other day at the train station where I stopped to buy a ticket to go and visit my sister last Sunday. A young man stopped me and asked: “are you from here”?

That is always a strange question for me, since I am always passing by and have no real in-depth knowledge of my hometown. I noticed the first thought that came to mind “he must want some money”, noticing in real time my automatic thought program triggered by a stranger’s request. I am sure I am not the only one with this program.

But I stopped because I am genuinely searching for the small things I can do to heal from the individualistic disconnect present the world over. It turned out he was looking for a place I vaguely knew about. So instead of saying I don’t know and move on, I tried to locate it on the map and gave him an indication of the direction he must take to find it.

When I then left, I felt good, I had connected with another human being and been helpful. A very small gesture. But maybe that is the only thing that is ever necessary. To extend one small hand to another human being.

Taking a small step rather than thinking I first need to have all my online structure fully wired and connected to millions to feel like I am making a difference.

The ideas that are emerging and that I am exploring is to conduct a series of interviews on authentic living in diverse cultures helping bridge diverse points of view, highlighting blind spots, outdated beliefs.

The first intention I connect with is to explore with others the process of waking up to what is possible when we consciously grow up and embrace all that is, our essence.

If some of you reading this would like to participate, please leave a comment and I will contact you. This will be a co-creative endeavor, alone I will not go far.

What are you willing to be and  do to help heal the world from its fragmentation. The time is now. There is urgency.

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26 Responses to Taking A Stand For My Soul’s Calling

  1. Selina says:

    Hi Aline,
    Like you, these few past months, I feel my life is in suspension. Nothing seems to affect my consciousness as empathy and sympathy have already dried out; events and experiences these past few years have hardened my consciousness and there seems to be no feeling of any kinds left in my heart, it’s literally lost! My mum passed away last month, and there’s not a tear of regret or feeling of sadness, except that I still need to move on and life goes on. I felt hopelessly unable to do anything about this feeling of ‘life in suspension’ in the hollow universe. I feel almost like my soul is lost and floating in outer space aimlessly without a care in the world for others except for own well-being. I don’t know where to get answers or help from. How can I do anything to help heal the world from its fragmentation when my own ‘being’ is fragmented and disconnected from human consciousness.

  2. Aline,

    Thank your for sharing your deep insight into the possible meaning of these intense idealogical problems confronting the world nowadays. We need people like you who have experienced, firsthand, multicultural living. Many people I meet prefer to keep the blinders on, concerning themselves only with their own immediate family and local environment.

    Yes, it all begins with our own individual cracking the heart open and re-connecting the disjointed parts of ourselves. My life’s work has been about bringing us back to love, loving our body, loving our self, and then being able to embrace and love others.

    Your message is important for the world to hear, one person at a time.


    Dr. Erica

  3. My ex-husband is Pakistani, born in Karachi in 1961. His family emigrated to NYC in 1971, the year I now know to be the creation of Bangladesh.

    My son visited Pakistan (for a wedding near Islamabad where his father’s aunt and uncle live) in January 2014. The wedding itself was in the town where bin Laden was discovered and killed.

    I am a writing coach, editor, professional astrologer, and past life regression facilitator interested in learning more about what you are trying to do.

    Please contact me to discuss whether or not we are a good fit for JV partnering or for helping each other in other ways!


  4. Aline Munsch says:

    Thank you Erica! your message and life’s work resonates with mine and we will explore how to take this further in a collaborative effort as we briefly discussed during our mastermind!

  5. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Dear Selina,
    Sorry to read about your Mom’s passing. I will contact you via email. Let’s set up a time to talk. Much love!

  6. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Sheri, I thought of you a few days ago, seeing a post in the Tuesday group I believe. I will be in touch by email. We talked a few years ago briefly during VBM. I will be in North America end of the month, it will be easier to connect in the same time zone when I am there.

  7. Aline, thank you for your post.
    It resonates deeply with my own experience. I spent a month traveling in South India at the end of last year. My heart was very much opened and softened by the spiritual connections I made in temples as well as by the sweetness of the people I met.
    Since my return I keep coming across stories of horrific violence happening in India and other parts of the world due to religious differences. It is so crazy the way humans are still so focused on hating each other for our differences rather than embracing our unity and taking care of each other.
    I grew up in Germany and Austria in a bilingual family (my mom is American, my dad Austrian) and in some ways always felt on the outside. But that gave me the ability to look into other cultures and find a way to relate.
    I grew up Christian with the idea that science and religion were completely compatible. I have spent several years deeply engaged in a number of different religions/ spiritual traditions. Sufism/ Islam, Hinduism and Pagan/ nature based spirituality. Wherever I go I love to visit temples and churches to feel the divine Union.
    I am so clear that we are all one and all reaching for the same values of love, community and a good life.
    I believe we are on the brink of reconciliation on a global level, but first we must see and recognize and heal the damage being done.
    Please, include me in your project. I would life to share my experience and make more connections with others who are working towards peace and social justice.

  8. Adriana says:

    Hi Aline,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful post. I am so very interested in speaking to you regarding your ideas. I am also answering to my soul’s calling by becoming a life coach with M. Morrissey and dreaming about going out there in the world to help communities less fortunate than ours. I believe the biggest challenge we all have as humans is to understand that we are really ONE community. All the problems we have come from a fragmented way of understanding life. Namaste. Adriana

  9. Aline,
    Your messages are always thoughtful and thought-provoking. I, too, feel bombarded from the violence in society and around the world. It is so easy to isolate and disconnect. However, I find when I start to go to that place another human being reaches out and asks for me to connect. When I get outside myself and offer my heart to another, I keep my heart open for the next, and the next, and the next human being where I can empower them to be the best person they can be. Together, our energies shift the balance from violence to peace. We all have a part in shifting the balance. Peacefully, Debra

  10. Lloyd Hansen says:

    Aline, I see how the two primary underlying myths of western civilization – that we are all separate from each other and from the natural world, and that scarcity is the nature of the Universe – have led us to create institutions – economic, social, religious, and political – that maintain this atomization. 2500 years ago the Greeks decided that our experience of the world was less reliable than our intellect in discovering truth. Experience and all other feminine archetypal expressions were discarded as base and unreliable. In our time, heartbreak, the cracking open of our hearts, is a common first step to overcoming this separation. I have been very fortunate in being part of co-creating a shamanic spiritual community that began more than 18 years ago. We started with 9 of each gender and now have 3 men and 11 women active. In this community I have healed the personal wounds to my heart in growing up and have found a loving haven to discover my Essential Self and the courage to dare to be vulnerable and to open my heart to the needs of the world. I have been told I’m skilled at articulating matters of the heart and soul and would be glad to work with you in any way I can. Please contact me at this email address with your contact info, and I will send you an excerpt from a forthcoming book (not by me) which I received just yesterday and pertains to what we are trying to do. Love and Light.

  11. Vanessa says:

    I love that the warm welcome you received in Pakistan mirrored your willingness to help a young man who needed directions because he was a stranger.

    I agree, let’s work on reconciling our inner barriers and conflicts so the change reflects in the outside world.

  12. Thank you Aline for your dedication to follow your soul´s calling and stepping up to be a voice for healing the fragmentation in our minds. We have separated ourselves from our ow authentic being, but we also have to understand that there is a reason for doing it. Since we have turned ourselves away from the loving God, to whom we should direct our lives to find our task in the big picture, we have lost track of what is truly important. I loved your example of being present to that youngster in the street, giving him your full presence shows what it is all about. We need now to be wise as conscious women to where this knowledge should be given. But also to be in that love vibration ourselves is an important thing and to be free from all attachments to outcome. I would love to be in your circle. The topics resonate so deeply in me.

  13. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Harriet, I am honored to include you. A new space opened up as I stepped into what is calling me! I definitely feel in unfamiliar territory and welcome you in that collaborative endeavor! I’ll be in touch by email.

  14. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Vanessa, I love how you mirror back the warm welcome I received and my response to the stranger! Thanks!

  15. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Thank you Lloyd, I have emailed you. Looking forward to take this forward!

  16. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Dear Debra, so true, every action creates a ripple that has profound impact around us. Being conscious and sending heartfelt energy around us is a skill to be mastered by many of us.

  17. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Adriana, thank you for your reply to my blog, I have sent you an email, so we can connect.

  18. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Dear Catherine, I resonate so much with your reply to my post! I am sending you an email to take it further!

  19. As I stepped into a new life after my husband’s death I was compelled to listen and bring forth creative talents that had not previously been noticed. This brought me great joy! I’m currently writing a book entitled Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth – and I do feel I have in fact been gifted by his death, in very many ways. I hope the book will inspire others to become more comfortable with the notion of death and dying, as it’s currently almost a taboo subject, which is mad considering it is the one thing that is definitely going to affect all of us! There is a great emphasis on authenticity and openness in the book and that’s what inspired me about your blog. Thanks Aline 🙂

  20. Bridget says:

    Dear Aline
    what comes to me is: Ask and you shall receive. You have stepped out with such clear intention and with so much love, your tribe is gathering around you. Please include me in our circle of co-creation so that we may listen deeply and be guided.
    I am smiling with joy for you.
    blessings and gratitude

  21. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Thank you Jane for sharing your experiences with me. I could see us talking about this on a Hangout call if you are game. I am all about raising awareness and waking people up to their highest potential, in the process healing all the old outdated conditioning (beliefs about death for example) which partly come from the ignorance of who we truly are, spiritual, eternal beings having a human experience, evolving, growing, co-creating with others and the universe a better future, when we become conscious of all which limits our truly unlimited potential. I will be in touch by email.

  22. AnaRose says:

    In choosing this lifetime, at this time on Earth, we are the collective spark to shift the human experience to Peace and Love.
    The biggest disconnect is the Belief System that we are disconnected from our source of Love. For those who are aculturated into this belief system through religion, politics, etc, there is a constant feeling of fear, anxiety, which is because they feel like they are different, they are lacking something, and don’t fit in the majority.
    This is the best way to control the masses. To keep them struggling to fit in and to keep them living in fear and desperation. (In the US, this is done through DEBT)
    It began with excess, when humans were able (through the agricultural shift) to save food, thus having more than someone else, thus having power over other humans. Someone had to guard the food, others had to find ways to get the food.
    This has gone on through the ages. Technology allows us a daily dose of disparity, death, and horror to enter our lives. The human condition hasn’t changed much since the beginning, it’s just much more available to see and hear.
    What IS changing, is the awakening of those who re-member who they are and how we are all connected through the LOVE energy. More and more people are haing this experience, at this time on Earth. Through this re-membrance, we come together to create a loving force to shift to the knowing that we are so much more than our physicality, culture, thoughts, beliefs. That and our life circumstances were created through our aculturation, which is different from our essence. When we open our heart energy and re-member, by coming together, and responding with the Love energy, the shifts happen.
    We keep our hearts open to recognize the pure Love events that are happening, too. We become observers when we need to navigate the chaos and center ourselves back to our Love center. We create those Love events. When we are overwhelmed, we take a break, breathe, and center again. Here is an example of one such pure Love event:
    It was a cold, blustery, snowy day in Minnesota. I had gotten out of work, knowing I had to scrape my van. Since there is no parking available, the school district pays the local Islamic Center to allow us to park there. Well, I knew it was just a matter of time before I connected with someone there, but didn’t know it was going to be because I LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE VAN, while it was running~! I went into the Islamic Center believing I would be welcomed. Every single person who entered, greeted, asked if I needed assistance, visited with me and made me feel loved. The Love energy was so very present. The next day I returned with a thank you card. When I asked to speak to someone “in charge” a man came out of an office looking apprehensive. I told him about my experience, how I had felt the love of the gracious welcome I had received, and handed him the card. He smiled and said,” that is wonderful. That is how we are.” The Love energy was so pure and light.

    The time is now. The place is whereever you are. Connecting through the Love Energy is what we are all seeking. Knowing that we all have this brings Peace in this human experience.

    I send Love to you all. Peace.


  23. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Lovely post AnaRose, thank you for taking the time to write. I am certainly part of the ones remembering… it’s been a long journey through the ages, but here we are! Love and light brings peace.

  24. Aline,
    I have journeyed to Mexico twice, and France once – soul questing to heal my fragmented heart. I am slowly writing the book about it that Spirit insists I must, to share how the Divine Mother led me deeply into the fragmentation, leaning into the pain, embracing my fear all the way. The loving acceptance of the native people was a pivotal element of that healing, as well as my own commitment to walking in faith and trust in complete surrender. While my journey of Awakening began long ago, I did that questing all in one year, with the intention of coming into a ‘new life’. That happened, and I’ve not been the same since. As a registered nurse, I have a private shamanic practice and use many modalities to help people connect or reconnect with, and love, themselves to develop the capacity to do the same for others. This is my soul work, and I would be very interested in discussing how we might be able to work together for our common purpose.
    Blessings to you and may courage continue to lead you.

  25. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Lovely to connect with you Deonne! I have sent you an email so we can connect and converse.

  26. Gayle Lee says:

    Hello, I was touched by your story, thank you for sharing and I’ve enjoyed all the comments too. The joy in finding so many loving souls who want to spread the love of oneness throughout the world is truly inspiring.
    My humble work is to assist people to find their joy again by going deeply inside and filling up on their soul’s music until they cannot help but move, allowing the body to move in whatever way it wants to until the movement changes, the change is the shift in energy and I get them to draw what they’re feeling. I found this such a profound way of opening our hearts that I feel blessed and honoured to be able to share this work.
    If you feel/think this could be a fit for you and your work please don’t hesitate to contact me. Namaste <3
    Sparkly rainbow blessings

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