Are we Sleepwalking through Life?

Like Sherlock Homes or like an investigative journalist on the trail of uncovering the numerous ways we have been hoodwinked, I tirelessly pursue the clues I find in my own life to pierce through the biggest cover-up humanity ever faced.

The mind pollution of false and outdated beliefs keeps us sleepwalking through life like sheep turned consumers.

Like a fractal I use my life to look back, draw conclusions, make sense of the pain and joy, create new meaning for myself by healing the wounds left bleeding in my soul, liberating myself from the shackles of false beliefs taken on here and there, integrating the journey on the trail of eternity.

Age old beliefs have been running life of humanity installed for the most during our early childhood in the first 5 to 7 year of our existence, handed down from generations to the next. They contribute to create the context we live our life from and generate the patterns of our behavior.

95% of our consciousness runs on automatic and operates our behaviors and our bodily functions, blood flow, digestion, respiration and so forth…All good, except when you want to consciously change a pattern with something that goes against the prevailing program…

That’s when the resistance kicks in and this force of resistance can feel like inertia, attempting to move a ton of bricks with your bare hands and no tools. It often translates in patterns of procrastination, and masterfully finding excuses covered up under the stories we tell ourselves. This is not the first time I write about this, but this time it feels I have touched the core of the wound, at least for now!

I have made a choice a few weeks ago to stay put in France in order to prepare the online launch of a program I have been teaching in various settings off line for more than 20 years. I had said I wanted to do this since 2008, just as long as I also had planned to write a book.

Now since this still has not yet manifested I had to face myself and realize I have been running away. And I have been running for a very long time. I think it all began when I left France in the first place back in 1969, not equipped to deal with the emotional issues of my childhood.

Just thinking of exposing myself in a book or teaching what I uncovered through the fractal of my own life, but opening it up to the world to see and to be judged or worse ignored and rejected, created a state of panic that I had carefully covered over with layers of story defending that vulnerable part of my being.

I have actually not told anybody of my friends in France that I am here, so as to not get distracted from the task at hand. The first few weeks I had to deal with a lot of administrative issues and then after postponing my return to Riyadh I started to feel sheer terror emerging.

I never suspected that the emotion that surfaced was “sheer terror”. I had boxed myself in and could no longer run and I chose to feel the terror I was feeling and face the pattern I was running away from.

The terror of the small child left alone at home with a nightmare, the terror of having been burned in a past life, the terror of having been captured and sent to planet Earth to colonize it, some of the remembering emerging over the last few years while on the conscious healing journey.

When your childhood circumstances were positive and happy the scars are less important and the normal evolutionary process from generation to generation helps with updating the programs.

Cultures evolve when people change and not the other way around.

It becomes problematic when some of our basic psychic needs as a child were not met or even when some of our scars came from birth trauma or from inherited wounds in family systems or even from past lives. When some of our needs are not met as a child or when trauma lingers in our psyche for whichever reason, it imprints us with an experience lodged in our body and in our energy field, our Akashic records.

We consequently adopt a belief and create a defense structure to help compensate and not feel the original pain, rightly or wrongly perceived. Patterns of behavior develop and loop incessantly in our psyche, ensuring the replay of the defensive scenario over and over again. This is preventing the connection to the source of the pattern, the original emotion.

It is then our task later in life to re-parent ourselves and heal the wound, especially since the wound will not close as long as the experiences and the emotional imprint that caused the false beliefs stays unexamined.

Well I am dealing with one of those lately, it has risen to the surface in Technicolor in the last few months as I am working through the Irresistible Messenger program content with Vrinda Normand. It is forcing me to face the terror imprinted in my energy field connected to the unmet need, the need for safety in my example and the beliefs I adopted unconsciously “I am not worthy of attention, there must be something wrong with me, I must be bad, I am not lovable”.

A simple negligence of otherwise loving but ignorant parents can easily create such a wound. The conclusion I drew from these limiting beliefs is that I cannot count on anybody, I am on my own, nobody cares about me and the world is a dangerous place. Sounds familiar?

The pattern created early on keep on running unconsciously in our consciousness, below the radar of our conscious mind. Like an automatic tape that generates the same programmed behaviors unexamined. To the outside it looks like we are sleepwalking through life.

Answering the call from our soul and following the impulse to shift creates shock waves in our survival structure, to the subconscious ego/mind programmed for our survival for millennium.

Knowledge is power and the more awareness we have, the more we are able to make the necessary adjustments to the outdated structures that run in our consciousness.

I have been gathering knowledge throughout my life to make sense of my experiences, at first driven by the pain I was running away from, then later following the trails of creating the life I really wanted, searching for peace of mind and happiness.

When I first read the Biology of Belief of Bruce Lipton in 2009, a real sense of hope emerged and a new door of unlimited possibilities surfaced. I am not doomed for eternity. Epigenetics and new edge science helped me wake up from the sleepwalking that has been going on in my life.

We all have been provided with information that is false or outdated. Every generation discovers conventional beliefs that have never been proven but that we take on, we buy the story blindly and we make assumptions based on many of these outdated or outright false beliefs. Our life is the consequence of how we respond to our perception of our environment. Right or wrong!

Our body is like a camera, taking in the environment through the 5 senses. How I see things is adjusting who I am. Our perception creates our belief which creates our behavior.

A powerful protection mechanism is to change the environment. Which I did in 1969, at that time I knew nothing of psychology and my knowledge of biology was what was taught in university at a time when the DNA sequence of our cell had recently been discovered.

At the time I was not equipped to deal with my emotional experiences and all I could do is save my skin and leave the issues of my childhood behind. Hence I left France in 1969 to first emigrate to Germany, Switzerland and then Canada.

I have been waking up to the programs that have been running the victim tape for a very long time in my consciousness all in stages. It all started with my unity experience in 1980. I wrote about this in a previous blog post.

Constantly, I am faced with a choice: postpone facing the terror that is imprinted in my energy field and procrastinate a bit longer or face that energy of fear straight in the eyes and deal with it again and again every single step of the way until one day all its venom will be but a distant memory, an old story that once was hit parade number one in my reality.

Repeating the pattern reproduces the same biological processes and re-imprints the body with the same emotions: “Perception controls genes” (Lipton).

What is bringing this topic to my blog anyway? Is it my guidance system, the being part of my body/mind/spirit entity wanting to be fully birthed in my authenticity and fully manifest the purpose of my life that is pushing my pen? Or is it that my human body and the authentic part of my consciousness has finally outgrown the old personality having cycled through enough reincarnations to dare face the naked truth of the source of human conditioning?

Perhaps both. I have searched and healed and now is the time to speak to what I know to be true for myself.

I am not helpless and I am not alone and I am safe. The Universe has my back.

Breaking the cycle:

If you rewrite the software of your mind, you change the printout of your experience.

If you change how you perceive yourself in the environment, you can change the environment. You will be treated differently the moment you treat yourself differently.

How do you do it? It requires information and tools. Many approaches exist. In this case I used a Psych-K balancing technique helping connect both hemispheres of the brain, literally rewiring the brain.

Today I am writing about it on my blog to anchor it in my subconscious, consciously creating a new way of being. I feel free, having faced the emotion creating the sleepwalking in my life. And I feel lighter, no longer needing to hide.

It is helpful to have support when on the healing journey and I am grateful to my buddies and to my coaches having my back and supporting the best outcome of my journey and the big vision for my life.

P.S. Should you want support when faced with unresolved issues you may qualify for a free consultations. Simply fill out the application here:

I you qualify, I will contact you within two days to schedule an appointment.

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12 Responses to Are we Sleepwalking through Life?

  1. Aline Boundy says:

    Thank you Aline for sharing so openly and courageously. I think it is no coincidence that you and I have met recently – I am on a very similar path to you and it’s all about honesty and openness.
    For years I have kept hidden the part of me I was ashamed of – my struggle with alcohol addiction – despite the fact that I’ve been in recovery for over 14 years.
    I have come to realise it is my shadow part, and that is where I need to focus so that I can move forward.
    Like you, I am also in the process of creating a strategically structured online business and it is only now that I have come to realise my perfect audience/market is indeed the people I know best – those in recovery from addiction. Now that I have embraced this idea, everything is starting to flow. I feel lighter, stronger and clear about what I want to say.
    And I have found that when we do face our fears with acceptance and a willingness to just be and understand the lesson, the fear is never as bad as I had imagined it to be. I hope you find this helpful. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Dear Aline,

    I love the honesty and your sharing and I am so happy for you that you now choose to face everything and be the authentic you, open and free. Yes, that is a gift to yourself and the world. That is how we change and affect the environment positively. I really appreciate the the wisdom circle you initiated, we help one another to heal. Thank you. Much love

  3. Munerah says:

    Dear Aline
    Thank you for sharing your authentic experience with us.
    Your story is my story ,it’s just the details that are different.
    You have dobe your jurny bravely and still coming the hidden beauty in your existance.
    Your words are very inspiring ,yes we belive fals outdated perseptions that cause us suffer and pain
    But the goodnews is in a blink we change once we intend to.
    Thanks again
    I could take off any word of it,it should be written this way.

  4. Sally Rubin says:

    Your expression of your journey is so honest. Thank you for sharing so deeply and completely.

  5. Gayle Lee says:

    Hi Aline. Well done love. Awesome work. I am so happy for you and you give me hope in my life with my experiences. A thousand thank yous for being so courageous.
    Sparkly rainbow blessings

  6. Aline,

    Writing is a cathartic experience and it helps to get the thoughts and fears out of our mind and body and into the written word. And that way we can reach other like minded souls by saying what we feel and allowing them to access what they feel through our words. You have done just that. So glad you are finally facing those fears, saying it out loud, and realizing that the universe is and has and always will support us, you and me. We are on the right path, our own path, and there is nothing to fear or to hide. Whatever we reveal will only help others to open up to their own truth.


    Dr. Erica

  7. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Erica, transforming those fears through the written word is indeed a cathartic experience through which my authentic voice is emerging from the shadows of the cacophony of false and limiting beliefs. Thank you for walking that path with me! Aline

  8. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Gayle, let’s create a rainbow bridge of courage connecting heart based beings en-training a movement for freedom to fiercely be yourself! Aline

  9. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Thank you Sally for “seeing” me, your comment means a lot to me. Aline

  10. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Dear Munerah, Thank you for noticing that our stories resonate when expressed authentically. I much appreciate the transformation you have undergone on your own path. Much love, Aline

  11. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Dear Aline, thank you for honoring your truth and sharing it with me. As long as shame and fear have the upper hand there is no freedom to be yourself. I value your contribution on the journey and your courage to pursue your dream! Much love, Aline

  12. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Harriet, my dear Sister on the path!Yes authentic self expression is freeing and liberating from outdated false and limiting beliefs. I much appreciate our co-creation of the wisdom circle, and the healing that emerges though it! Much love, Aline

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