Women’s March – January 21st, 2017

I had never gone to a march before really!

The closest I had come to participate in a mass movement was really just contemplating the consequences on the streets left by the riots with the police, without fully understanding why the students were protesting almost 50 years ago, in May 1968 when I was in Paris for one year.

When I read about the Women’s marches on Facebook I was in California, spending a few days vacationing in Palm Springs after a workshop in San Diego and I resolved then and there to join the march downtown Toronto, the day after our return from having been away for 8 days.

However inconvenient, I had to go and participate. It was an overwhelming feeling that I must join now with other women and this time I didn’t have the excuse that I was in Saudi Arabia where protesting for anything would surely get you arrested and jailed, like before the Iraq invasion by the Bush administration, when marches had been organized in most capitals of the world to protest.

When I joined the crowd of women in Queen’s Park, downtown Toronto and read the banners some of them carried I was deeply touched and felt a coming together beyond all diversities, a new level of acceptance of our differences, women from all races, walks of life, social status and sexual orientation, all were represented it seemed to me. And there were many men there too from all ages.

I have captured a video on my camera and uploaded it to YouTube there:


Perhaps to conclude, if I am fully true to myself, I joined the march to plant a stake in the ground for myself and my intentions for this year: despite all the circumstances and perhaps because of them, I will get the book that has been simmering inside for more than 10 years now written before the end of summer.

I have a long career of being an over-functioning person, often other focused, where I abandon myself and put my objectives second to family issues.

Joining the march was a statement to myself that this old pattern, deeply programmed into Women’s DNA must change now and it must change within myself first.

This is what I stand for now and this is why I felt compelled to join the Women’s March on January 21st, 2017.

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