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During meditation this morning of the full moon I deeply reflected on my current life circumstances and took responsibility for feeling overwhelmed once again.

There is no accident that I am living in multicultural household.

My in-laws are from Pakistan and live in the moment. Plans change with the wind and nothing can ever be planned .

I guess I needed this life lesson to fully see how my own franco-german conditioned ways always gravitate towards efficiency, organizing life so I can do what is meaningful for myself and my purpose of being alive, identified as healing the Patriarchal conditioned structures in my own life and helping other women do the same, contributing to creating a powerful movement for transformation on the planet.

Since I am skilled in organizing life I seem to automatically fill the gap of what is left undone or in my view disorganized and do it for my own sake and need of structure in my living environment.

When I realized this morning that in the last two weeks since returning from a writing retreat in York, PA with Christine Kloser and a group of writers all engaged in the My Time to Write program, I had not been able to align even one page, I had a moment of reckoning: something has to change and it will not be the others, it will have to be me.

Today is also a lunar eclipse, an opportune time to make changes. As Marina Ormes from www.astrologyheals.com writes:

This Aquarius Lunar Eclipse reminds you that the creative endeavors you pursue at this time are part of a bigger picture of change that involves dismantling the outmoded structures of the past in order to clear the way for smarter ideological, practical, and technical ways.

What am I dismantling? Yet again another layer of the Patriarchal conditioning where societies and life in general have heavily relied on women to do the work, often without monetary retribution.

Let’s acknowledge the multitude of women doing volunteer work in organizations, around the house, in the fields, cultivating crops in Third World countries and more….

So, yet again, always at a deeper layer, my own clearing of those structures in my own psyche will likely involve creating a new level of physical boundaries to get what I want to get accomplished done.

It seems I have raised my boundaries as high as possible in the current living environment, even have created occasional territorial boundaries, when I take refuge in my apartment in France to be by myself. So will have to step out of the house and go the library to get my writing done at least two days per week, if I want to respect my word and my self worth.

My commitment to my purpose and the deeper transformation of societal structures contributing to creating a new world is reinforced by this latest full moon revelation!

I am curious if you care to share what your commitment to yourself is and if the full moon energies helped you deepen your connection to yourself?

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