January 2018 Musing

Two weeks already into 2018 and I choose to take the time to reflect on the last month, the last year and the year ahead…

My first reflection, I can’t help it, it to reflect on that first sentence. I deliberately wrote “I choose to take the time….”! Hmm… Indeed since last Thursday, I have the luxury of  time to do what I really want after the departure of my little family back to Canada. Deliberately I chose to stay put in France for one month to be by myself.

Solitude affords the opportunity to be in my own company and the depth of richness of what resides in silence and which connects to universal truth.

I spent all day yesterday in empty presence, deeply listening within and allowing emergence of the seeds of intention for the year to bubble up.

The seeds I am planting for 2018 could be captured by 3 sentences:

  • Self-expression with compassion
  • Nurturance of the Feminine within
  • Grounding my practices with rituals

I have a long history of care-taking, like many women my generation and have spent years in reclaiming my freedom of choice in that area. Part of my purpose is to help heal the conditioned aspect of that capacity, by healing it within myself.  This is the only way to impact the collective consciousness. Care-taking is often linked to obligation and unpleasant emotions of guilt and shame, if not up to par. A remnant of the Patriarchal heritage which often defined roles to gender.

Last January I committed to put my journey into writing via a book. My working title “The Journey to Freedom” – Trusting the Wisdom of Your Soul’s Guidance . What if everything you were taught early in life needs to be undone to be free?

The act of putting pen to paper is most definitely a transformational process. I intend 2018 to be year where I claim my full self-expression with loving kindness, unencumbered by all types of fears claiming precedence over essence.

To keep my commitment I will need to keep on nurturing the Divine Feminine within, the deep well of intuition. This will help re-balance the “out of control masculine” energies, currently still running the show on our beautiful Planet. “Keep listening within for inner direction rather than relying on the outer world of the ego, self dictating the functioning…” rephrasing words from Ariel Spilsbury , author of the book 13 Moon Oracle: A Journey through the Archetypal Faces of the Divine Feminine.

During the solstice in December, I was deeply affected for 3 or 4 days, extremely tired. It felt like a dismantling of  old outdated structures was taking place. A profound new energy seems to be on the rise, which I cannot really name yet, but which feels very different from “same old, same old…”. An energy unencumbered by outer compliance, the joy of presence, of being in the moment, of following the guiding impulse from within…

Again last year, I have shifted locations on the average at least once per month, be it within the same country, another one and even another continent.  A constant disruption of routine and a means to help break habits which need dismantling…It is just good to notice and also to observe that I am now much more accepting of the slower pace this generates as to the many projects I am still working on. It feels good to be in that space at last and to embody the Wise Woman archetype. I had grappled with critical self judgments and comparison to others syndrome for most of my life.

To embody my intentions I choose to ground them in rituals, consciously feeding the Feminine first, nurturing the well of intuition, being in stillness as I start and end the day, capturing the essence guiding the pen, writing, musing… Today I built an altar to the Great Mother in the frequency of burgundy, supporting the alchemy of transformation, an ongoing rising of vibration out of the density into trusting the larger cycles at play in the great scheme of things.

I am curious, what seeds are you planting for growth in 2018?

Below pictures of my current altars. Unfortunately I have forgotten how to align pictures, probably never knew, since I didn’t usually post pictures… So this is part of my acceptance of imperfection for the new year and a direct reflection of the current level of my technical abilities!

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3 Responses to January 2018 Musing

  1. Azizah says:

    Wow! Congratulations Aline – you continually inspire me with your dedication to yourself! I look forward to talking in a few minutes and catching up!

  2. Linda Roebuck says:

    Loved reading about your process. I relate to so much of your sharing, Wise Woman, and friend!

  3. Aline, Beautiful. I’m working establishing practices/rituals that I can maintain as well based on the Miracle Morning – Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing. I find travelling to be a challenge. Looking forward to connecting once you are back to Canada. Happy writing. I love the title and also love the phrase about undoing what we learned as a child – and definitely true in most cases.

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