Turning Lead into Gold

Your Perspective Creates Your Perception Of Reality
Aline Munsch, MBA
Relationship Counselor
Transformational Coach
Reiki Master

If you are stuck like millions on this planet right now wondering whether one day you will find your spot in the limelight or lost in your head trying to figure out what to do next to survive, then you could benefit from a shift of perspective. Changing the context, changes everything.

If you feel stuck in dysfunctional patterns, self judgments, feeling like a victim of circumstance, you could benefit from aligning yourself to your higher Self from the inside out and get to know that dimension of yourself. Connect or reconnect to your transpersonal identity.

When we are stuck in a point of view, we can only see the specific perspective that is in front of us. Go and stand in another place and you will see a different angle of the landscape. That is easy to grasp for most. However the same phenomenon operates in your mind set. Your perspective creates your perception of reality. Your perception creates a belief about how things are. You adopt a behavior, based on that belief, which creates an experience, which produces your reality, which confirms your perception. We go full circle.

Our perspective comes from our conditioning. Our conditioning happened when we were infants within our families and for most of us is a repetition of past conditioning, based on programming through the 5 senses, from the outside of us, through what we have heard, seen, sensed…. All of that conditioning is logged in the body, within our cellular memory.

But how do you shift your point of view about yourself when you are stuck in a negative emotion caused by a belief about yourself? This is a little more tricky to do. The shift itself can happen in a split second, when you change your perspective, however the work of reprogramming your mind and rewiring your brain will take time and a steady dose of daily practices and support from likeminded people.

Remember perspective is everything. Change your perspective, change your context and you change everything. To change your context step out of the part of your mind whose perspective is limited and bound by the past and step into your soul, your transpersonal identity, whose perspective is timeless and eternal and start creating your reality. Take some altitude, take a bird’s eye view over your life and realize that you are cause in the matter and that everything that happens to you has a purpose to it. Allow yourself to access the data of the soul and to remember WHO YOU ARE. Reconnect and clear the mind chatter.

One Response to Turning Lead into Gold

  1. Lin says:

    A simple and relatively easy way to change perspective and context is to change things in your daily routine.

    For example, this week I started sleeping on the opposite side of my bed. That shift changed my context in a non threatening way, which actually freed up both my perspective and energy.

    Small changes in the environment create huge results!

    Small changes will wake you up to who you really are, as the curtain parts with each simple action to reveal the greater part of you.

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