Owning My Story – Finding My Voice

Latest version of my story written on September 24th, 2014

Owning My Story – Finding My Voice – Setting Myself Free

Owning My Story

2 Responses to Owning My Story – Finding My Voice

  1. Azizah says:

    Dear Aline,

    Congratulations for breaking free and sharing your story….I connected to this story in so many ways. The circumstances are different of course but I also had a C-section after the same amount of hours in labor. I had such strong feelings of betrayal from my own body. I felt I had failed. I am also married to a similar man as you and what a ride it has been! I also grew up with being ashamed of my family because of finances, addictions, abandonment and divorce. Lots of anger there as well.

    Once again, you’ve opened my heart and mind to the reality that lots of healing work still needs done in my case. You also give hope that healing and transforming is a real possibility.

    You are one of the most inspiring women I know!

    Thank you friend….love and hugs

  2. Bridget says:

    My dear Aline
    You are indeed telling the heroic story of the modern evolved, free, empowering (of herself and others) heroine. The resonances Azizah has noted with her experience are repeated in my life. And will resonate again and again with others. I stand with you and for you as you face and fully bring to the open those subtle but powerful negative emotions that keep your authenticity at bay.

    Please keep writing and sharing. Our world needs you to be all you came here to be.

    bless you.
    love you.

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