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Today, like many times in the past I received an e-mail from Avaaz.org requesting to write Lloyd’s regarding their involvement with the Burmese military junta. You may check it out for yourself at:


It reminded me on how I felt, outrage and anger, when the junta was beating up and emprisoning the Burmese monks who were protesting the living conditions of most of the Burmese people. I wrote a letter then, I wrote a letter today to Lloyd’s.

I feel shame for what we are doing to each other, to other human beings rendered helpless simply because they were born in a country being ruled by a military junta in collusion with First World multinational corporations.

It would be easy to blame the military junta or the corporations, but that is a dead-end scenario opening the way to more of the same.

Only if I and that is you too, who ever will be reading this, only if I take a stand for what I value, guided by an impulse coming from the depth of my soul, can I bring forth a new way of Being.

We have gotten used to a system, where we gave up our personal power to our leaders and let them decide for us. For the sake of democracy, we elect a representative and let him/her speak for us.

I need to reclaim my birthright of authenticity and step out of my comfort zone. I need to take responsibility for the staus quo and find the courage within myself to alter an outdated guiding system and co-create a new map for the next stage of human development.

2 Responses to “Finding the courage to stand up for what I value”

  1. freedomfocus says:

    Be wary of jettisoning democracy. The Nazi’s were convinced they were helping to map out the next stage of human development.
    Democracy is far from perfect. But as of this date it still is as Lincoln said”the last best hope of man”.

    Not to say you are a Nazi. On the contrary you seem like a very kind and empathetic soul. But some of the worst tradgedies in history came about from well intentioned people being mislead.

  2. selfawarenessinaction says:

    Hello Freedomfocus
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and giving me an opportunity to further clarify what I stand for.
    I agree with you that democracy is “the last best hope of men” quoting Lincoln. When I was writing about an outdated guiding system, I was not refering to democracy but to personal values as guiding principles. An outdated value for me would be comfort and turning a blind eye to a dire situation.
    Ordinary people living in the Western World have been offered a level of prosperity and peace thanks to democracy. This is not the case for people living elsewhere in the world, people who can only dream of one day to aspire to what is readily available for Westerners. I will speak for myself since I do not want to generalize based on my own experience.
    I have however travelled the world a fair bit and was born in post war France in a province Alsace that had been occupied by nazi Germany. My own father had been enrolled by force into the German army during the occupation and deserted before the end of the war. So when I am refering to co-creating the next stage of human development, I refer to higher values of co-operation, caring for people in places far from home who do not have the privileges Western democracies offer their constituents and this can be uncomfortable and inconvenient.
    I believe that privileges come with responsibilities. In the global village we share our planet and as humans at the next level of our evolution we hold values of liberty and justice for all. And this is easier said than done and will require a transformation from an egocentric world view to a world centric one. And this can only happen if each of us undertakes that transformation within ourselves.
    I only have power over myself, change occurs frist within and since we are all linked energetically, it will have impact outside, in our environment and vicinity.

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