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Evolving Clarity as I Shift

In this site I attempt to be transparent about my process of transformation. The writings on my blog, or in the articles or on the various pages I still might create, since this is an evolutionary process, reflects my journey through the shift of the ages, the individual perennial trajectory from separation to reconnection and self empowerment.

A journey through self doubt, harsh self judgments steeped in old conditioned self limiting beliefs inherited from my patriarchal up bringing to liberation of my soul from the weight of resistance, to flow and freedom to be just as I am, no longer yearning for perfection before I dare to shine.

Celebrating my humanness, allowing emergence of being at my very own pace, offering the grace of self acceptance and a blueprint of transformation to kindred Spirits in search of Self…

Reframing the context of my life within the evolutionary worldview, seeking to shift from ego based consciousness into enlightened self actualized realization of my true nature, finally allowing the Divine nature of my spirit to soar like an eagle, illuminating the path ahead, guided by inspired actions and following the creative impulse uncovering my true purpose a step at a time, from the inside out. No longer comparing myself from the outside in to accomplished others, each to their own and each participating in the cosmic dance of consciousness awakening to itself….

Bursting free, participating in birthing the next stage of evolution of our universal consciousness, healing the split that created havoc and devastation on our planet, the personal being the global…

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